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What to Wear to the Interview

When applying or interviewing for a job, it is important to dress appropriately for the position that you desire. Many property management companies wear uniforms in the office. You want to look as professional as they do, so we recommend that you wear a suit. No one will ever say, "Can you believe she wore a suit to an interview!" Following are some other suggestions:
1. Wear a blue, gray, brown or black conservative suit.
2. Have it professionally altered.
3. Wear matching hose and close-toed pumps.
4. Wear minimal jewelry; one ring per hand on the ring finger only, one set of small stud earrings and one bracelet or watch. Gold or silver, not both.
5. Hide tattoos with clothing or a band-aid.
6. Wear hair up if it is past the shoulders.
7. Wear conservative make-up and nail polish.
8. Never stop by for an application or an employment form in casual attire.

Most property management companies provide shirts for maintenance employees. It is usually the employee’s responsibility to supply pants and shoes. It is appropriate to wear clean khaki work pants and work shoes to the interview.

Following are some other suggestions:

1. Wear a clean pullover golf shirt or button down shirt.
2. Minimal jewelry is best; a wedding ring and watch.
3. Clean hair and fingernails.
4. Hide tattoos with clothing or a band-aid.

What to Do at the Interview

1. Avoid smoking on the way to the interview so you will not smell like smoke.
2. Arrive at least ten minutes early. Know where you are going.
3. Do not wear too much perfume or cologne.
4. Do not chew gum.
5. Greet the interviewer by name. Use Mr. or Mrs.
6. Offer a firm handshake.
7. Wait until you are asked to be seated.
8. Relax. You are interviewing the employer to be certain this is the position for you just as she is interviewing you.
9. Sit up straight and maintain eye contact.
10. Be prepared to tell the interviewer about your professional self in two minutes or less when she says, "Tell me about yourself."
11. Be prepared to tell the interviewer why you are changing positions. Answer in terms of what you desire in a position rather than what you dislike about your current position.
12. Practice answering "Why did you leave this position?" with a positive response such as "advancement potential" "higher pay" or "I was recruited."
13. Research the company and be able to tell the interviewer why you want to work there.
14. Be able to explain gaps in employment history and short term employment.
15. Have an answer to the most often asked question, "What are your strengths?" Promptness, dependability, responsibility, honesty and willingness to learn are always good answers.
16. Have an answer prepared for "What are your weaknesses?" Remember there is no good answer!
17. Be prepared to tell the interviewer how your previous employers would describe you.
18. Be prepared to answer "What would you do questions?" such as "What would you do if your new property was 80% occupied?"
19. Do not be intimidated by number questions such as "What is your closing ratio?" "What is your gross potential?" What are your annual expenses per unit?" "What percent increase in N.O.I. did you achieve last year?"
20. Do not be afraid to brag about your skills and accomplishments.
21. Be positive. Tell the interviewer what you desire in a future employer, not what you did not like about the last one.
22. Never talk negatively about previous supervisors or companies.
23. Be prepared to tell what salary you require. Know what benefits the company offers such as rent discount, insurance, retirement, bonus and commission before you state salary. It is best to give a range and add that you are willing to negotiate.
24. Ask for the job!
25. Express confidence that you can make a difference!
26. Thank the interviewer for her time, and close by saying that you look forward to hearing from them.
27. Never close the door of opportunity. Your goal is to obtain an offer of employment.


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